19th April 2024 | Corporate, Notice

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment invites expressions of interest for candidate Competence Centres in Semiconductors under the European Chips Act (Regulation 2023/1781).

The Chips Act envisages the establishment of at least one Competence Centre in Semiconductors in each Member State in order to promote the use of semiconductor technologies, to provide access to design and pilot line facilities, and to address skills gaps across the Union.

Competence Centres in Semiconductors will play an essential role in the Chips for Europe Initiative, providing access to technical expertise and experimentation in the area of semiconductors, and helping companies, SMEs in particular, to approach and improve design capabilities and developing skills. Each Competence Centre will connect and be part of the European network of Competence Centres in Semiconductors and act as an access point to other nodes of the network.

The objective of this call is to select an organisation or consortium for consideration by the Chips Joint Undertaking as an Irish Competence Centre in Semiconductors.

Applicants must meet the general requirements for a Competence Centre in Semiconductor and clearly demonstrate their suitability in the application. Further details on the scope and criteria are set out in the document below.

Potential Competence Centres can submit their project proposals by 5pm on 29 May 2024.

Proposals should be sent to chips@enterprise.gov.ie with ‘National Competence Centre in Semiconductors’ as the subject line.

For any queries, please contact chips@enterprise.gov.ie.

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