Welcome to MIDAS Ireland

MIDAS Ireland champions Ireland’s micro and nano-electronics system solutions industry with a key mission of ensuring the sector continues to be one of the most attractive to work in. Innovation is the lifeblood of our industry and MIDAS Ireland is keenly focused on enhancing the infrastructure to ensure innovation is thriving. Our country’s FDI and Indigenous companies are leading the world in innovation, with the essential support of our research organisations and educational system.

MIDAS Ireland, established in the year 1999, is an industry led partnership consisting of FDI and indigenous companies, educational organisations, research institutions and government agencies working together addressing common challenges within the sector in Ireland.

Our main focus areas are:

  1. Indigenous
  2. Education & Outreach
  3. Training
  4. Research
  5. European cluster partners
  6. Publicity
  7. Links to Government Policy.

Some key actions of MIDAS are:

  • Coordinate research activities to ensure new technology capabilities and advanced skillsets are developed.
  • Enhance Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate training to achieve an education system that supplies the quality engineers that the industry needs.
  • Support the collective training needs of engineering staff within our sector.
  • Help companies to fill jobs vacancies (through website, government, agencies).
  • Support new industry start-ups ( e.g. through accelerator proposal submitted to Enterprise Ireland).
  • Build links with other industry sectors in Ireland and in mainland Europe.
  • Engage with Government & State Agencies to support industry needs.
  • Promote through publicity the very positive story concerning our sector (including outreach to second level students).
  • Network among the sector through regular meetings and events.

The strength of MIDAS and the value it brings to its membership is intrinsically linked to the active involvement of the whole sector. We are stronger when we collaborate. The more people, companies and organizations that contribute to the collaborations, the more successful we all are. MIDAS has achieved a lot over the years for the sector and will continue to do so as a vibrant organisation.

I hope you find the information in our website informative.

If you have further questions, please contact us at: info@midasireland.ie

Wishing you great success in Irelands ICT sector.

With best Regards,

The MIDAS General Manager