MIDAS’s latest Microbrew took place after the Cypress hosted MIDAS meeting in the Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork on Thursday 12th May. The Microbrew is an informal gathering from member companies, of engineers, scientists, marketing gurus, company managers and technology leaders, getting together to chat over a bite and a beer. Invited speakers are provided a 10min soapbox to talk on a topic, with a view to getting a lively banter & debate going.
The topics for this Microbrew were as follows:

• The networking opportunity for all staff, rather than a company representative
  Speaker: Mark Smyth – Senior Researcher, MCCI
• Effective use of PR and Social Media for brand awareness
  Speaker: Julie Dorel – Marketing Communications Manager, Tyndall National Institute
• The Importance of owning the customer
  Speaker: Brian Coffey – Product Marketing Manager, ADI
The speakers all delivered very interesting and thought provoking talks that lead to good discussions on the topics and a number of other topics! Many thanks to Mark, Julie and Brian for their great contributions to the Microbrew and Cypress for hosting the event.
Photos of the Microbrew can be found here.