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Agile/Scrum project management – Colm O’hEocha

Date & Time
September 25th, 2018 9:00am - October 3rd, 2018 12:32pm

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ONSemi, Raheen, Limerick. - Limerick

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An Overview of Agile, Kanban and Scrum (2 day)

25-26 September Colm O’hEocha, Agile Innovation On Semi, Limerick

This 2 day course will combine elements of our standard Scrum and Kanban training to provide an introduction to:

• Agile and Lean product development – foundational concepts
• Kanban Method as a framework to drive effectiveness
• Scrum framework for collaboration-based, value optimising development

The training will be designed to allow participants understand what agile is, how they might apply it, and whether a time-boxed (Scrum) or flow based (Kanban) led approach might be most suitable.
The two-day training would cover the following topics:

Foundations of Agile
o The nature of complexity, and complex adaptive systems
o Lean Principles applied to Product Development
o Exercise: Value Flow Game
o Managing Work in Progress to attain Product Development Flow
o A systems approach to product development – balancing efficiency,
predictability and agility to maximise value

Managing Variability
o Exercise: Approaches to Managing Variability
o Common practices for managing variability in product development

Kanban – Visualising and Synchronising work
o How Kanban Boards work
o Exercise: Kanban System Simulation
o Kanban Metrics
o Classes of Service
o Managing Work in Progress using WIP limits

The Scrum Framework – an Introduction
o Feature Team Oriented Organisations – The Scrum Team
o Scrum Roles – ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Developer
o Exercise: The Name Game
o Time-boxed Events – Sprint Planning, Scrum, Review and Retrospective
o Backlog Refinement/Grooming – a continuous activity
o Artefacts – Including Backlogs, Definition of Done and Product Increments
o Exercise: Scrum Framework Simulation

Estimation and Planning
o Estimation with Story Points, Relative Estimation and Velocity
o Planning Poker for reliable, team based estimates
o Exercise: Planning Poker