ZE-Aviation Alliance CLG (ZEMAVA) is a sustainable aviation technology incubator hub established in the mid-west of Ireland to accelerate market readiness for zero-emission aviation technologies. ZEMAVA will build real environment testbed demonstrators to evaluate technologies as part of an entire regional aviation ecosystem. The goal will be optimization of technology implementation for sustainable regional air connectivity.

This document presents an invitation for expressions of interest from suitable partners to participate in a discussion to form a consortium for future large-scale funding applications (including but not limited to Enterprise Ireland DTIFREDF, and various EU InterReg Programmes).  ZEMAVA has secured feasibility funding from MIDAS Ireland and Enterprise Ireland funded REISS for the initial Demonstrator project outlined in this document.

Demonstrator # 1 Project – Digital Health Monitoring of Battery Power Management System for Electric/Hybrid Aircraft

 Project Objectives

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the implementation and readiness requirements for the aviation industry for the use of current (Li-ion) battery power technology under real environmental conditions.

There is an increasing amount of full-electric battery-powered commuter/regional and eVTOL aircraft in development and targeting entry into service from 2026. In order for those aircraft to be operational at airports, there is work to be done to understand the required infrastructure to power those aircraft and address the regulatory, certification, and operational challenges along the energy chain. These aircraft types addressing flight ranges less than 1500 miles and are responsible for up to 30% of global aviation emissions are on a critical path for entry into service and to ensure the aviation industry can reach net zero emissions by 2050.

There is a clear need for a robust health monitoring system along the full energy system from the source of energy to the aircraft itself and a significant commercial opportunity to leverage new digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as a means to reduce risk, increase safety and accelerate the adoption of technology and entry into service of these new aircraft.

The project will develop a commercial solution for a Prognostics & Health Management approach together with an associated digital model which will collect, analyze, store and disseminate data securely across key parameters of the energy system.

Consortium Partners;

ZEMAVA will bring together a consortium of partners to build real environment testbed demonstrators to evaluate technologies as part of an entire regional aviation ecosystem. This collaborative approach between government, industry, academia, and investors is essential to reach net zero emissions in aviation with a clear ambition for impact-driven technology acceleration. Eligible enterprise partners can include MNCs based in Ireland, SME organizations as well as Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) and Local Authorities.

RFI Process;

ZE-Aviation Alliance (ZEMAVA) invites expressions of interest submission to by COB Friday, September 30th, 2022.