MILAN – MARCH 15th, 2012 – S3 Group , a global enabler of scalable chronic disease management programs, today announced that Telbios , technical and service provider of Buongiorno CReG, Europe’s largest chronic disease service, has chosen them to provide design and consultancy services to enable the launch of the service in four health trust areas of Milano, Como, Bergamo and Milano-2. At a regional level almost 400 family physicians (MMGs) will provide care to approximately 40,000 chronic disease patients.
The Buongiorno CREG is the largest chronic disease management service in Europe and is being offered by a consortium of Telbios S.p.A and a collection of GPs (MMG) Co-Operatives. The purpose of the service is to manage patients with a primary diagnosis of Heart Failure, Diabetes Type I and Type II, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Hypertension and Ischemic Heart Disease in primary care settings or in their own homes.
The CReG Program will include a combination of services targeted at specific groups of chronically ill patients. The services will range from care co-ordination services and patient education to Tele-consultation and Telehealth. The roll-out of these services will be supported by a Telbios operated Service Center which will provide support for patients and for GP Co-Operatives who are delivering the service. The Service Center will also take responsibility for the monitoring of patients whose vital signs measurements have been captured remotely in patients’ homes or GP offices and for provision of patient education and medication management services.
“We chose S3 Group as our service and solution design partner because of their deep domain expertise and specific experience in delivering a chronic disease management service. Our goal is to create specific care pathways for each chronic disease patient which can be tailored to their needs before being assigned and supervised. We are confident that S3 Group is the appropriate partner to help us achieve our goals and deliver a world-class offering that will bring huge savings and efficiencies to our health services in Italy.” said Dr. Botti, CEO Telbios
“The objective of the Buongiorno CReG Service is to create motivated and informed patients who can be treated in primary care settings or their own homes. Through our partnership with Telbios we are helping to design a service that ensures early intervention in the progression of a chronic disease and most importantly to enable the patients to take more control of their disease symptoms through education and vital sign readings. Through our work in the implementation of the Northern Ireland telemonitoring service we bring valuable experience to Telbios in the roll out of this large scale chronic disease management program in Italy and we are proud to have been chosen by them to be their partner.” said Dr. Malachy Rice, Global Sales and Business Development Manager, S3 Group