Internet of Tomatoes – The ADuCM350 chip gets a mention on EETimes last week. This was a chip led out of the Analog Devices Cork office. The platform using it will precisely measure environmental data – humidity, temperature and ambient sunlight – which contribute to growing a delicious tomato. Placed among the tomato plants at various locations throughout the farm, this solution will monitor the growing environment and keep tomato farmers apprised of real-time conditions and trends (taking sensory information from the field, relaying that content to a cloud application, and providing rich information back to farmers on handheld devices).
All told, this will provide a precise, always-on look at conditions that affect tomato quality, flavor, yield, potential for disease, and more – fresh from the vine, sent through the air, stored in the cloud. It will allow farmers to make interventions to improve outcomes and optimize flavors (i.e. to water more or less, make amendments to soil, and even determine the ideal time to harvest). Moving forward, this aggregated information will also build a sharable database of insight that can help other farmers with their future harvests, and further the cause of delivering the “perfect” tomato.
By integrating the hardware solution with a cloud-based IoT application from ThingWorx™, Analog Devices is developing a complete solution that will be accessible and easy to use from end to end. This solution delivers reliable and precise information to farmers, while withstanding long-term exposure to the environment (thanks to highly rugged and accurate sensors); lasts several seasons without battery replacement (owing to its highly reliable, low-power processing); and will give farmers anytime, anywhere access to their crops (through cloud-integrated communications). In addition, apps and dashboards built on ThingWorx (armed with data from ADI’s precision sensing) can help farmers better understand and implement improvements. The result: a healthier, fresher, tastier tomato. Farmed with care and skill. Supported with technology.
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