The MIDAS annual conference and AGM was followed by a MicroBrew organised by the Indigenous committee. The aim of the MicroBrew is to provide a forum for informal discussion and an opportunity for networking in a casual and sporting environment.
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This event comprised of 3 short talks (with no slides!) concerning the topic “Patents – Good or Bad”.
The 3 speakers were:
• Noel Murphy, Quark Engineering Manager, Intel
• James O’Riordan, CTO, S3 Group
• Gordan Hyland, Consultant, I3PM
The talks were given by the speakers overlooking the hallowed turf of the Aviva stadium. The speakers were certainly inspired by the setting and all were on top of their game. This resulted in a memorable tussle with each side strongly defending their position. Indeed, no one could be accused of dropping the ball. The speakers were passionately supported by the surrounding crowd who remained engrossed in the spectacle to the end. The result was declared as a draw, although there has already been some talk of a rematch.
Many thanks to Noel, James and Gordan for a great debate.