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Combined, we offer an expanded suite of top-performing mixed-signal and power management technologies to help customers succeed in an increasingly digital, ubiquitously sensed and connected world. Together, our extensive breadth of engineering capabilities and depth of domain expertise help our customers solve their most complex problems from DC to 100 GHz, from nanowatts to kilowatts and sensor to cloud.

“ADI is thrilled to complete the acquisition of Maxim, combining two semiconductor leaders with a shared passion for solving customers’ most complex problems. Together, we will drive the next wave of semiconductor growth, while engineering a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future for all.”

Vincent Roche,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Analog Devices

Our combined company is better positioned to support your business objectives and drive innovation together in strengthened areas such as:

More complete system and software solutions

Provide you with an expanded portfolio that builds on industry-leading technologies to deliver system and software solutions that make it easier for you to design and deploy products across multiple end markets.

Premier mixed-signal and power

Increase your solution impact and reduce your time-to-market leading innovation fueled by our combined $1.5B in R&D and the novel integration of premier franchises in mixed-signal, power, RF, and digital sensing.

High quality and flexible manufacturing

Deliver an enhanced, resilient, and responsive supply chain to drive predictability in shipments to your business. Benefit from operational enterprise excellence with zero-defect quality culture to prevent and eliminate defects, and our anticipation of your market needs with integrated wafer fab, advanced lithography, and packaging.

Domain and technical talent

Help reduce your design complexity and increase ease of use with improved reliability and efficiency of solutions through personalized collaborations with our expanded team of experts, including 10,000 engineers, 62 design centers, and 23,000 employees in over 35 countries worldwide.

Together, we are ready to work with you to solve your business challenges at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds.



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