Looking to get paid? Here are the 10 best degrees for that.
While English majors rejoice in Shakespearean prose and philosophy majors contemplate navels, engineers are out there getting paid. A lot, according to PayScale .
In fact, only one of the top 10 highest-paying bachelor degrees by salary potential isn’t related to engineering. And that’s the actuarial mathematics major, the third-place finisher with a midcareer pay potential of $119,000. They can make much more than that, though as they rise through the ranks, says CareerCast, which once named it the best career path in America .
Other than that, it’s all about engineering, with petroleum engineers raking in the most by a wide measure at $168,000. Nuclear engineering and chemical engineering trail by about $50,000. Incidentally, English major comes in at number 130 ($75,000) and philosophy at number 75 ($85,000).
At the bottom of the list, four of the five have something to do with children. Early childhood education and child development are the worst majors, in terms of potential salary.
And unless you’re a televangelist with a slimy knack for attracting millions, religion doesn’t pay much either. Biblical studies and youth ministry majors are numbers 310 and 313, respectively.
But back to the big earners. Here’s the top 10, courtesy of Statista.

This article by Shawn Langlois appeared on MarketWatch on Mon 14 Sept 2015.
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