Intune Networks, Amartus, First Derivatives and Nokia Siemens Networks CloudStreet demonstrate a live Bandwidth Exchange in partnership with BT
For the first time a “Bandwidth Exchange” will be demonstrated at TMF’s Management World in Dublin between May 22nd and May 24th 2012. This unique project will showcase the technologies that underpin Bandwidth Trading and promise to drive new revenue creation for telecoms operators.
The emergence of dynamic, on-demand computing resources has prompted the re-evaluation of bandwidth-on-demand service offerings. These would provide cost-effective connectivity between end-customers and data centres over short time durations. A necessary precursor for this is the ability to trade bandwidth contracts for on-demand end-to-end Ethernet circuits, mediated through an electronic exchange that enables price-discovery. It would then be possible to deliver Cloud Services more cost effectively through on-demand provision of the three core elements of Network, Storage & Compute.
The project brings together several innovative engineering companies in a unique collaboration under the sponsorship of BT, each with years of expertise from their respective fields. Together they have engineered a way for all the components necessary to trade network resources through a Bandwidth Exchange using an approach comparable to Over-The-Counter Contracts.
Peter Willis, Chief Data Architect at BT Innovate & Design, said: ““This is a catalyst that demonstrates it’s possible to implement a viable Bandwidth Exchange marketplace offering connectivity to cloud services. Providing flexibility in bandwidth provision and availability will enable exciting new network services and investment opportunities that complement flexible cloud services.”
This unique demonstration has been developed on the Irish government’s Exemplar test-bed and can be seen at the TM Forum’s Management World Catalyst Showcase in Dublin between May 22nd and 24th 2012.