Emerging Irish fabless semiconductor technology company Ikon Semiconductor this week revealed a new integrated circuit (IC) design that could prove vital to the growing global LED lighting industry.
Ikon’s new IC was unveiled at the Strategies in Light conference in Silicon Valley this week.
The new IKS2053 IC is designed to meet cost and performance standards for today’s LED lighting OEMs and bulb manufacturers.
An innovative digital architecture created by Ikon eliminates the use of costly components by 25pc, reduces the form factor and improves reliability.
The new IKS2053 IC eliminates the need for opto-couplers and electrolytic capacitors – standard components that add complexity to LED modules and hinder reliability.
A breakthrough for solid state lighting
“Today, lighting accounts for nearly 20pc of the world’s electricity consumption,” Ikon CEO Conor McAuliffe said.
“Largely driven by global legislation, inefficient legacy bulbs are steadily being replaced by energy-efficient lighting sources. LED lighting is the dominant replacement technology.
“Retrofit momentum is high, which presents a substantial market opportunity for Ikon Semiconductor. Added to this, our advanced dim-detect engine enables broad dimmer compatibility – an essential feature in a market saturated with disparate dimmer products.
“Our digital solutions represent a significant breakthrough for the solid-state lighting market,” McAuliffe said.

Ikon Semiconductor reveals new chip breakthrough for LED lighting market
(from www.siliconrepublic.com 07.02.2013)