Learning to program in Python – Trainer: Mr Graham Ellis

Date & Time
June 6th, 2018 9:00am - July 24th, 2024 7:03pm

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Raheen Ind. Estate Limerick. - Analog Devices,

MIDAS IC & Systems Design Skillnet - http://www.midasireland.com/

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MIDAS IC & Systems Design Skillnet

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Course Content

6th – 8th June 2018 in Analog Devices, Limerick Trainer: Graham Ellis

Python language fundamentals:
Assignments and Data Types, Expressions and Operators, Conditionals and Loops (If and While loops), Lists and Tuples, Functions, Modules and Packages

Python, Object Orientation, Object use:
Object Orientation, Introduction to object oriented programming, Classes and methods. Static and non-static, Instances, constructors and destructors, Overloading, Accessing members of a class, Loading and using classes

Using functions, objects and modules, Built in functions, Methods on built in data types, Object Oriented Python Class statement, Bound and unbound methods.

Dictionaries: Dictionary operators and methods, Counting and existence. Sets and frozen sets.

String Handling: Methods on String Objects, String Formatting, Regular Expressions and the re module, Regular Expression and Match Objects.

Collections and Sequences: Complex structures. Copy and deepcopy. Combining copying and comparing dictionaries.

Objects – Intermediate: Inheritance. Properties. Special methods. Metaclasses. Pickling and shelving objects.

Venue: Analog Devices, Limerick

For the full version of the course content or to book places, please contact Gerry.Byrne@edalics.com. This course is funded by Skillnet Ireland, through the Department of Education and Skills, and member company contributions.