High Performance RF IC Design – Prof, Behzad Razavi, UCLA

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May 21st, 2018 9:00am - July 20th, 2024 10:43am

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Dublin - UCD,

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Prof. Razavi is the director of the Communication Circuits Laboratory at the University of California Los Angeles. He is an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer and an IEEE Fellow. He is a multiple award recipient for papers at ISSCC and other leading conferences. He is the author/editor of seven key reference books on communications and IC design. This is the first time he has given a course in Ireland.

Course Outline:

Day 1
Fundamental RF Concepts: Nonlinearity, noise, modulation schemes
RF Receiver Architectures:
Translational Circuits: Commutated networks, frequency translation of impedances and
transfer functions, application to blocker rejection, harmonic rejection,

Day 2
Narrowband and broadband LNA design, noise-canceling LNAs, voltage- and current-driven mixer design, dual-band IEEE802.11abg receiver design.
Low-Power Receiver Design: Circuit merging techniques, LNA-less receivers, Software-Defined, Cognitive, and Universal Radios: Broadband, highly-flexible radios, in-band & harmonic blockers, carrier aggregation

Day 3
Towards a Universal Radio: Channel selection and blocker rejection at RF, harmonic-reject receivers, noise-canceling receivers, receivers for carrier aggregation
Transmitter Architectures: Direct upconversion, offset-PLL topologies, polar modulation, outphasing, digital RF transmitters, recent developments

Day 4
Power Amplifiers: PA design principles, PA topologies, Doherty PA, linearization techniques, transistor-level design study of an 11a transmitter
PLL Fundamentals: Charge-pump PLLs, LC oscillator design

Day 5
Phase Noise in oscillators & PLLs
Frequency Synthesis

To book places, please contact Gerry.Byrne@edalics.com. This course is funded by Skillnets, through the Department of Education and Skills, and member company contributions.