Duolog’s OCP Toolkit Available For Immediate Evaluation Via Xuropa
DUBLIN, Ireland, and Beaverton USA, March 7th 2012 – Duolog Technologies and OCP-IP jointly announced today that Duolog’s OCP toolkit is now available for evaluation in the cloud on the Xuropa Cloud Platform . OCP Conductor and Tracker join Socrates Bitwise, Weaver and Spinner in the Socrates Lab on Xuropa.
Users with a web browser can test-drive Duolog’s revolutionary System-on-Chip integration tools in minutes. To access Duolog’s freely available OCP toolkit and also the Socrates integration applications, simply visit the Socrates Lab on Xuropa. Once engineers have utilized the OCP toolkit, they can then request a free members’ copy via the OCP-IP website.
“Adding the OCP toolkit to the Socrates Lab on Xuropa demonstrates Duolog’s continued commitment to OCP-IP users. The toolkit, which is free for OCP-IP members, allows users to track and tune the performance of their system’s OCP infrastructure,” said Ray Bulger, CEO of Duolog Technologies. “In addition to immediately accessing the OCP toolkit, visitors to the Socrates lab can also try out Socrates Weaver, which offers the fastest, most efficient and reusable methodology for OCP integration and system assembly.”
“Duolog Technologies has been a long-standing contributing member to the OCP international partnership, and I am pleased that they have made their OCP toolkit more accessible to OCP users," said Ian Mackintosh, president and chairman of OCP-IP. ”Duolog continues to support OCP users by providing a pre-configured library of OCP integration rules as part of its Socrates Weaver system integration tool."
About OCP Tracker: OCP Tracker allows designers of OCP-based systems to tune their architectures to maximize performance. It provides graphical performance, statistical and transaction analysis of OCP interfaces and fabrics. It also enables validation of performance metrics via a built-in regression manager and seamlessly interfaces with OCP-IP’s CoreCreator II trace files to allow bandwidth, latency and other types of performance metrics to be analyzed. OCP Tracker’s 3D 360° navigation engine allows these metrics to be visualized in an intuitive way. It provides an understanding of how OCP systems cope with different types of traffic patterns, thus enabling the identification of the optimal architectural structure of the SoC.
About OCP Conductor: OCP Conductor is an innovative, detailed OCP transaction viewer that enables fine-grained analysis of bus transactions. A complete transaction sequence can be traced from request to response along with a host of related information about the transaction, permitting instant, powerful, high-level OCP transaction analysis and debug. Transactions are visually extracted from simulations and presented in a user-friendly and intuitive way.
About Duolog Technologies: Duolog Technologies is a leading developer of EDA tools and solutions that address the increasingly complex challenges of IP integration. We enable our customers to deliver integrated systems more quickly and cost-effectively than their competitors. Our innovative products and solutions allow for maximum productivity and control throughout the entire SoC lifecycle.
About OCP-IP: Formed in 2001, OCP-IP is a non-profit corporation promoting, supporting and delivering the only openly licensed, core-centric protocol comprehensively fulfilling integration requirements of heterogeneous multicore systems. The Open Core Protocol (OCP) facilitates IP core reusability and reduces design time, risk, and manufacturing costs for all SoC and electronic designs by providing a comprehensive supporting infrastructure. For additional background and membership information, visit www.ocpip.org.
About Xuropa Incorporated: Xuropa is the pioneering cloud demo platform for independent software vendors. Built upon a unique lead nurturing and analytics engine, Xuropa enables software vendors to conveniently demo their products in the cloud and drive the resultant sales pipeline to increase sales yields. For more information, go to www.xuropa.com.