yieldHUB supplies world-class data analysis solutions to the semiconductor industry. To companies who design and manufacture semiconductors, our cloud-based software provides a complete understanding of their product performance and yields.

yieldHUB also develops specialist yield and reliability software for companies in the aerospace, automotive and AI chip industries.

With a network of semiconductor experts worldwide supporting our products, great customer service in your own time zone is a key component of our overall offering.

Why should you contact us? 

Yield Improvement: If you want to improve your semiconductor yield, look no further.

Global support: Our global team provides expert support, 24/5.

Software development: We continuously invest in R&D to provide the best possible insights for our customers for new product introduction(NPI) and subsequent volume manufacturing.

Expert team: Most of our team come from the semiconductor industry and have a deep understanding of the industry and its associated challenges.

Scalability: yieldHUB’s database design is scalable from a few gigabytes to multiple terabytes of data. As your production ramps in volume, you won’t have to worry about the analysis scaling.

Automation: You can set up scheduled reports and alerts which simplify monitoring your manufacturing.

Cloud-hosting: We host many customers in the cloud on AWS (Amazon Web Services). This ensures high availability, world class-security and is a cost-effective solution for you.

Contact us today to unleash the power of your data.


Semiconductor yield management, cloud-based software, outlier detection, Parts Average Testing (PAT), Characterisation, New Product Introduction (NPI).


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