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DecaWave is a pioneering fabless semiconductor company which has developed a complete, single chip CMOS ultra wideband IC based on the IEEE802.15.4a standard, and building a family of parts to work at rates 110kbps, 850kbps, 6.8Mbps and 27Mbps. Founded in 2004 by recognised global experts in the field of ultra wideband technology and its applications, we are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and have offices in San Jose California,  Toulouse France, and South Korea. Our technology resolves the problem of electronically identifying the specific location of any object, person or thing in an indoor environment (through obstructions), at ultra low cost, ultra low power with a required level of precision never achieved before.  We have developed unique Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology based on the IEEE802.15.4a standard, which allows the precision tracking, location, and communication between objects using ultra-low power, ultra-low cost wireless transceivers, thereby bringing the “Internet of Things” concept closer to realisation.

Type of Business
Adelaide Chambers,
Peter Street,
Dublin 8
Fabless semiconductor company