Giorgos Fagas has over 20 year of experience in research and innovation. He received a PhD in Physics from Lancaster University (UK) in 2000 and an MBA from University College Cork in 2012. Giorgos has been Research Fellow at the Max-Planck-Institut-PKS and Humboldt Fellow at the University of Regensburg (Germany). He joined Tyndall National Institute in 2004 where he steadily grew his research and postgraduate teaching experience, leading activities in nanoelectronics and energy-efficient electronics as a Senior Researcher. His work has been published in over 70 peer-reviewed articles. He is editor of one reference book on Molecular Electronics and two books on ICT-Energy Concepts. 

Giorgos has been leading Tyndall’s EU Programmes Office since October 2013. He engages with academia, industry, other RTOs and policy stakeholders to develop technology roadmaps, shape EU Research and Innovation policies and establish strategic partnerships for collaborative research in Europe and internationally. Giorgos has been a strong advocate of European research with contributions to strategic research agendas, networking and project participation. He is member of the ESFRI Physical Sciences and Engineering Working Group, the AENEAS Scientific Council and regular delegate to the EPoSS Executive Committee. His long term objective is to identify creative ideas and promote from proof-of-concept to widely accepted technologies, thereby, making positive impact not only on the people he works with but also on society at large.