The Microelectronics Industry Design Association of Ireland (MIDAS) wishes to foster excellence in electronic and microelectronic design and development. To that end MIDAS wishes to announce a competition open to all students studying electrical, electronic or microelectronic engineering in 3rd level colleges.
The competition criteria are shown below and you can enter the competition using the attached application form .
Competition criteria:-

The competition is open to students of undergraduate (level 8 or less) programmes – years 1 to 5.
Students may submit a design and development project undertaken as part of their undergraduate studies and submitted to their college as such. Group projects may be submitted.
The project must have a microelectronic or an electronic hardware basis.
Students fill out a brief application Entry Form(available from the MIDAS website ( and submit a poster of their project which contains a) Title b) Targeted Objective c) Work Done & Results. The poster should be submitted electronically (see below) and sized for an A0 sheet. Focus should be on a visual presentation of your designs, concepts and results versus a written presentation.
An adjudication panel will assess each project and recommend a number of projects projects to enter into a final (not more than 5). A brief interview via phone may be used as part of the deliberations.
The judging criteria includes: a) Quality and creativity of the project objective b) The overall impact of the poster – eye-catching, visual attractiveness and its ability to draw in the viewer c) Execution of the project
In the final, each project will be presented for 10-15 minutes with a 10-15 minute Q&A. This will be in front of an audience of MIDAS members and an adjudication panel. The winner will be announced after the presentations and an award made. The presentation is mandatory. For group projects, one member of the group should make the presentation.
The adjudication panel will be a mixture of people from academic and industry backgrounds.
Latest date for submission of posters is 12th April 2013
Finalists will be notified within 3 weeks
Normally, poster presentations will take place on a date before 30th May 2013 but may extend into early June if necessary.
The winner will receive a €1000 gift token. Each runner-up will receive a €250 gift token.
Queries in relation to this competition may be directed to Katherine Barry, MIDAS Co-ordinator. Telephone: 021-490 4375. Email:
Participants should send a pdf file of their poster and application form to
All posters become property of the competition organizers. By submitting a poster, students give permission for their work to be displayed at MIDAS conferences and events, in publications and promotional material, and in electronic format on the Internet, and at a display of posters at the 2013 Midas Annual Conference.
The decision of the adjudication panel is final.