DUBLIN, Ireland – Duolog Technologies , the award-winning developer of IP and SoC integration EDA tools, today announced that both the Socrates Weaver and Socrates Spinner tools are now available for evaluation in the cloud on the Xuropa Cloud Platform . Weaver and Spinner join Socrates Bitwise, Duolog’s register and memory-map management tool, in the Socrates Lab on Xuropa.
“The Socrates Lab on Xuropa puts our tools into the hands of our customers within minutes. This has given users the ability to efficiently evaluate Bitwise from the comfort of their desks,” said Ray Bulger, CEO of Duolog Technologies. “Adding Weaver and Spinner will allow these same users to experience the powerful benefits of our full suite of integration tools.”
The Xuropa platform dramatically simplifies the process of evaluating Duolog’s revolutionary tools. Users with a web browser can test-drive the tools in just minutes, without having to sign any agreements, download software or install license keys.
“Adding a quality tool like Bitwise to Xuropa proved to be extremely beneficial to Duolog, and this was reflected in their sales,” said James Colgan, Founder and CEO of Xuropa. “I am delighted that Duolog has now added the Weaver and Spinner tools to the Lab, and I anticipate a similar sales spike for these products.”
To access the Socrates integration applications, including Bitwise, Weaver and Spinner, simply visit www.xuropa.com/duolog .
About Socrates Bitwise: Effective HW/SW integration is one of the biggest challenges facing System-on-Chip (SoC) development teams. Registers and memory-maps are at the heart of the HW/SW interface. Bitwise manages the entire register and memory-map infrastructure for an IP or system, improving inter-team communications, enhancing design quality and greatly reducing workload.
About Socrates Weaver: IP reuse and efficient IP integration are essential for successful SoC development. Weaver is a revolutionary tool for IP integration that is the fastest and most efficient way to build and maintain complex systems. The unique rules-based integration methodology employed by Weaver maximizes the potential for IP, subsystem and system reuse.
About Socrates Spinner: Modern SoC devices typically support multiple static and dynamic operating modes. This can result in thousands of top-level signals that need to be mapped to hundreds of I/O pins, depending on the target application. Spinner manages this increasingly complex area by specifying and auto-generating all of the logic associated with the chip I/O layer.
About Duolog Technologies: Duolog Technologies is a leading developer of EDA tools that address the increasingly complex challenges of IP integration. We enable our customers to deliver integrated systems more quickly and cost effectively than their competitors. Our innovative products and solutions allow for maximum productivity and control throughout the entire SoC lifecycle.
About Xuropa Incorporated: Xuropa is the pioneering cloud demo platform for independent software vendors. Built upon a unique lead nurturing and analytics engine, Xuropa enables software vendors to conveniently demo their products in the cloud and drive the resultant sales pipeline to increase sales yields. For more information, go to www.xuropa.com .
For further information on Duolog, please contact:
Sally Kenny
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For further information on Xuropa, please contact:
James Colgan
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