Mbryonics Ltd


We specialise in Photonics, which is the combination of optical design, electrical and mechanical engineering. We produce complete embedded solutions from concept prototypes to full fidelity pre-production prototypes, using in house precision manufacturing and test facilities.
Photonics Services Include: Electro-Optics embedded system design, Optical design, Simulation of optical systems, Photonics tolerance budget.

Embedded System Development

Complete photonic systems require the integration of electronic sensors and control systems. We design, prototype and develop custom electrical systems to control your product, including firmware and software. We make real time control and signal processing systems using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), application specific integrated circuits (ASIC), and embedded microprocessors. We also rapidly prototype control systems using LabView.

Type of Business
Hansberry House,
Shantalla Road,
MEMS and Photonics technology design