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MIDAS is an industry led cluster consisting of industry, educational, research and government agencies, working together to assist in the development of the 'micro and nano-electronics based systems sector' in Ireland. MIDAS began in 1999 as the Microelectronics Industry Design Association with a focus mainly on the design of advanced integrated circuits. Today MIDAS aims to represent the entire value chain, as the industry evolves to deliver more complete electronic and software system solutions. MIDAS is a member of Silicon Europe which is an alliance of Europe's leading micro and nano-electronics clusters. MIDAS is the key enabler of networking opportunities that develop in our industry.


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Guest speakers at our most recent MicroBrew at the Franciscan Well, Cork. David Corkery-UCC, Mark Smyth - MCCI, Seamus Coghlan - Cork City Council, David Gibbons ESA Space Solutions Centre Irl, Patrick Morrissey - IPIC, Declan O'Mahoney- Maywentee.
Guest Speakers at the October MIDAS meeting held recently in Tyndall Cork. Ted O'Shea - MIDAS Chairman, John Hayes - Integer Holdings Corp, Ray Burke - Tyndall, Tom Quilty - Boston Scientific, Liam Riordan - Analog Devices, Mark Smyth - MCCI.
MIDAS Ireland announces 3rd Level Project Competition Winner 2016. Ted O'Shea MIDAS Chairman, Brian Coffey, Analog Devices, 2016 Winner -Barry McDermott NUIG and Peng Lim (Xilinx)
MIDAS sponsored 7 undergraduates to attend the Data Converter course given by Professor Boris Murmann of Stanford University, at University of Limerick on 27th – 28th June 2016.

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