Management Development

Start date: 21 October 2021

Duration: 6 Days, 21 Oct, 4,5,16,25 and 26 Nov, 9.30am - 4.30pm each day

Location: Live online training

Certificate: QQI Level 6 Certificate in Business Management (6N4310) **

Cost: Members € 450, Non-Members €675

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

This Accredited** Management Development Programme will deliver an accelerated, comprehensive, and critically appraised range of business topics to enable you to lead with purpose, values, and integrity and to motivate your team to deliver superior performance. It will create long-term value at an individual and organisational level for yourself, your team, and your organisation..

Learning outcomes

This Management Development programme will enhance your ability to:
– Deliver a motivational environment
– Develop effective leadership relationships that will in turn enable you to increase the performance level of each report
– Define clear purpose of action for your team through your Strategy by delivering a business plan that allows all to excel
– Unify your team to effectively focus its collective ability to meet the goals set by your business plan

Who is the course for?

This programme has been specifically designed for managers who wish to learn the latest and most effective Leadership techniques. Both new and experienced managers can draw on critical knowledge and skills sets to help them deliver the most from the team they lead.

** Those who wish to pursue the QQI Level 6 Certificate in Business Management accreditation offered, please note to obtain the accreditation you need to attend a QQI orientation session on 18th Oct, 2- 3 pm, attend all course classes and submit two assignments and one project. This accreditation is optional and you can wait until the end of the programme to decide if you wish to pursue it.


1. Unlocking Drive and Performance – One day, 21st Oct, Connor McDonough
The management and delivery of effective performance has always been more difficult in challenging times, but the unique stressors today calls for a renewed focus. What does it mean to be an effective manager and leader in today’s climate? How do you establish an environment through which people can excel? How do you tap into and establish individual drive and motivation? And within this mix how do you introduce and manage through key HR policies? This module will explore these key questions and ultimately will leave you with a skillset to deliver a clear answer.

2. Leadership in Action – Two days, 4th & 5th Nov, Áine Mahony
In this module the focus turns to your relationship with each person who reports to you and the management and leadership interactions required so that these relationships are successful. These interactions must deliver high performance and so in turn require expertise in communication, influence, the management of conflict, the ability to delegate, develop, and deliver feedback and to do all these things right across the performance spectrum. This module focuses on precisely this and does so through a specific set of techniques and tools entitled “Response Coaching”. This module will increase your ability to directly influence the performance of each of your team members.

3. Business Planning for Results – One day, 16th Nov, Jimmy Keane
In this module we ask – “For my sector, organisation and my area of responsibility what challenges and opportunities will exist in three years from now and what do we need to do today to prepare ourselves for this future?” From the answer to this question, strategic thinkers move to create real value through developing business plans that focus on the profoundly important priorities. This module equips you to be such a Strategic Thinker, to apply a toolkit of techniques to define the changing landscape, to understand your customers and their experiences in working with you, to solve problems and make decisions driven by powerful evidence, and when called for, to innovate. And then as you apply your business plan to orchestrate effectively.

4. Leading a High-Performance Team – Two days, 25th and 26th Nov, Áine Mahony
Teams are becoming far more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic. But while our teams face new hurdles, according to sector specific empirical research, their success still hinges on a core set of fundamentals around group dynamics. Though teams face an increasingly complicated set of challenges (e.g., remote working), a relatively small number of factors have a disproportionate impact on their success, and it is these precise factors that we will focus on in this module. These in turn will further improve levels of communication in this new world of remote working, to enable your team to achieve greater clarity, coherence, and consistency around priorities which are fundamental to success. Further you will explore in a team context your communication, working, and decision-making approach and that of your team. This in turn will empower you to improve your working relationship with each member of your teams while simultaneously improving how each member of your team works together.

Trainer Profile

Unlocking Drive and Performance – Connor McDonough has over a thirty year period become a specialist in Leadership, a High-Performance Team Coach, an Executive Coach, and dynamic Facilitator / Trainer. He has worked with Leaders across sectors both directly and as part of Trinity College Dublin’s faculty. Utilising this in-depth experience and broad knowledge, Connor will in turn aid you to develop and broaden your management and leadership capability through practical techniques that will guarantee your success.

Leadership in Action and Leading High Performance Teams – Áine Mahony is an Occupational Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Training Facilitator of the highest calibre. Her key focus is on defining and developing key leadership behaviour that deliver success in an organisation. She will empower you to develop leadership relationships that will guide your direct reports to higher levels of performance.

Business Planning for Results – Jimmy Keane’s training is built on a platform of real-world experience of delivering effective strategy development, business planning and implementation in challenging circumstances. He will guide you not just to being an effective Strategic Thinker, but on how to use this capability to influence those around you, those who manage you, to help drive your organisation to success.

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