Embedded Linux System Development

Start date: 08 November 2021

Duration: 7 days, 8-10 + 15-18 Nov, 13:00 to 17:00

Location: Online

Certificate: N/A

Cost: Members € 500; Non-members € 750

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

This online course is an introduction to the usage of Linux on embedded Linux systems. It introduces the participants to the different components of an embedded Linux system, and how to integrate them to create fully functional embedded systems based on Linux. The course covers the cross-compilation toolchain, the bootloaders, the Linux kernel setup and configuration, the booting process, the creation of a Linux root filesystem, the Linux filesystems for block and flash storage devices, the cross-compilation and integration of existing open-source components, the development and debugging of applications, and finally real-time considerations in the context of Linux.
Trainees can opt to follow lab demonstrations done by the tutor or to order the demo board and replicate the labs themselves. There will be an optional extra session of 4 hours on 19th Nov, 1pm-5pm, depending on the number of questions and if help is required by any participants who opt to order the demo board and to do the practical labs themselves.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will have a clear view on the different components of an embedded Linux system, their role in the system, and how to practically setup Linux on an embedded platform.

Who is the course for?

This course is intended at engineers who have little to no experience using Linux in embedded systems. Participants might be application-level developers, or engineers who worked on bare-metal embedded development, or other embedded operating systems for embedded devices.


• Introduction to embedded Linux
• Cross-compilation toolchain: compiler, C library, etc.
• Bootloaders. Focus on U-boot.
• Configuring, compiling and booting a Linux kernel
• Creating a simple, BusyBox based root filesystem from scratch
• Block filesystems
• Flash storage and filesystems
• Cross-compiling libraries and applications
• Embedded system building tools
• Lightweight tools for embedded systems. Graphical toolkits
• Developing and debugging applications for the embedded system
• Implementing realtime requirements

Trainer Profile

Michael Opdenacker founded Bootlin in 2004. Michael is the original author of Bootlin Embedded Linux training course. Michael has 20 years of experience using Unix and GNU / Linux and promoting Free Software. He has been working with embedded Linux since 2003. Prior to creating Bootlin, Michael worked at STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments. Michael is a regular speaker at the Embedded Linux Conference and Embedded Linux Conference Europe.

Michael Opdenacker’s profile is available at:

To get a sense of Michael’s teaching abilities, see his talk at the Embedded Linux Conference on Youtube:

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