Advanced Python 3

Start date: 30 September 2024

Duration: 3 Days, 9 am to 4:30 pm approximately each day

Location: Online course, via Zoom, max 10 participants

Certificate: N/A

Cost: Members € 350; Non-members € 525

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

This popular 3-day course provides experienced Python users with an in-depth knowledge of the application of Python to practical problems in the IC design environment. To meet demand, reruns in 2024 include: 30 Sept - 2 Oct, 27th - 29th May, 29th Apr - 1st May, 4th - 6th Mar, 26th - 28th Feb, 19th - 21st Feb and 9th - 11th Jan 2024 following 6 reruns in 2023 on 16th - 18th Jan, 17th - 19th April, 24th - 26th Apr, 12th - 14th June, 18th - 20th Sept. and 20th - 22nd Nov 2023 and after 4 reruns in 2022 on: 14th - 16th Feb, 4th - 6th Apr, 16th - 18th May and 3rd - 5th Oct 2022. It was held 5 times in 2021 on: 8th - 10th Feb, 22nd - 24th Feb, 22nd - 24th Mar, 24th - 26th May and 18th - 20th Oct 2021.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will be able to:
• Use object-orientated techniques to create shareable python libraries
• Use design patterns when creating python applications
• Use standard libraries for creating and editing pdf/word and excel documents
• Design and create multi-threaded python applications
• Work with JSON and XML data
• Access HTML from web pages
• Access and Edit Data from a relational database
• Create and run Unit tests
• Use advanced data analysis techniques

Who is the course for?

This Advanced Python 3 course is for Electronic Engineers in an IC design, evaluation or test role, who wish to apply Python to tasks in the IC design, application, evaluation or test environments. It is expected that attendees have prior work experience with Python or have attended the Introductory Python course.


Day 1
Python Review
Write your own iterators, generators and decorators
Functional Programming
Unit Testing
Design Patterns
Day 2
Working with JSON and XML
Regular Expressions
Using Django to build web applications
Day 3
Database access
Data Analysis Review
Data manipulation in Pandas
Predictive Analytics
Machine Learning Techniques
Advanced Visualisation

A more detailed course outline can be accessed by clicking on the “Full Course Details” link in the image above

Trainer Profile

Bill Emerson of Professional Training has worked as a software engineer, developer and trainer in the UK and Ireland since 1992, in a variety of industries, including financial services, scientific and educational. He has programmed extensively in Java and Python and divides his time between development projects and designing and delivering training courses. He has delivered python courses to many groups, including climate researchers and electronic engineers.

Bill lectures in software design and data analytics at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, and is involved with a number of research projects involving data mining, analysis and visualization.

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