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New Menalto Advisors Report on the Semiconductor Industry


18th January 2018

New Menalto Advisors Report on the Semiconductor Industry


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The semiconductor industry is now viewed by many as a maturing sector, with relatively slow growth, industry consolidation, and much less venture capital investment than in the past. However, it remains a very large market (about $400 billion) and has been the driving force behind most of the major innovations across the technology industry. Smartphones and most of the “hot” emerging electronics segments (e.g., voice-assistants, autonomous vehicles, IoT, etc.) would not be possible without the enormous improvements in chip technology that have occurred during the past few decades.

The semiconductor industry also faces a number of major issues, some of which (e.g., the potential end of Moore’s law) could have a substantial impact on the entire technology sector. While there are far fewer well-funded chip start-ups relative to a decade ago, there are still many innovative private semiconductor companies. Semiconductors also remains an active sector with respect to M&A transactions.

As such, we believe the timing is right for a report on the semiconductor industry. The 200+ page Thought Report includes:

• Highlights of the semiconductor industry, including growth, issues, recent public company acquisitions, investment, and other topics

• A review of major semiconductor segments including processors, memory, FPGAs, analog, MEMS, wireless, wireline, and optical

• Summaries of recent M&A transactions and activity

• Brief profiles of more than 100 private semiconductor companies

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