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  •  9 of the top 10 global ICT companies are based in Ireland
  •  top 10 – born on the internet companies are based in Ireland
  •  9 of the top 10 US ICT companies are based in Ireland
  •  top 3 global enterprise software companies are based in  Ireland
  •  4 of the top 5 IT services companies are based in Ireland

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Ireland has long been established as a country of choice for many North American, European and Asian companies to set up overseas operations in support of their business objectives. The focus of the Irish Government over the past 50 years has been to encourage the establishment of key multinational companies with a view to supporting and enhancing the economic growth of the country. One of the primary sectors of interest and focus has been the ICT sector.

The ICT sector in Ireland incorporates the full range of high tech activities including Research and Development, High Value Manufacturing, Shared Services, Supply Chain Management, Software Development and Technical Support operating in areas from computers to microelectronics, telecommunications to software and components.

There are many examples of successful operations of multinational companies in the sector, including some world leaders such as:

Analog Devices ARM Cadence
Cypress Semiconductor Intel Corporation Microsemi Corp
On-Semiconductor Parade Technologies Qualcomm
ROHM Synopsys Xilinx

Why Multinational companies choose Ireland:

  • Strong ICT Reputation  -  Many of the world’s leading global ICT companies have a substantial base in Ireland, employing over 100,000 people. This has led to the growth in reputation of Ireland’s thriving ICT sector with additional ICT companies choosing Ireland on the back of this reputation. 
  • Engineering & Science Graduates  -  Ireland has the highest proportion of science graduates of any other EU member state (Eurostat).  Ireland has seven Universities and numerous Institutes of Technology and other academic institutes which produce consistent levels of highly educated science graduates who will seek employment in ICT and related areas.



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