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The Microelectronics Circuits Centre Ireland's (MCCI) vision is to increase export revenue of and employment in microelectronics companies located in Ireland. MCCI will enable this vision by developing a pool of IP and skills relevant to these companies, thus giving them a competitive advantage.

Centre Overview

MCCI is hosted by the Tyndall National Institute in collaboration with the University of Limerick with core funding of €1M per annum from the Irish government. MCCI is led by an industry steering board and the research program is driven by its industry members. Companies can use MCCI to create projects and execute world-beating industry-relevant research in line with their business needs.

Research Program

The research focus of MCCI is on Analogue and Mixed-Signal circuit design. The theme and core competence of the centre is Digitally-Assisted-Analogue circuit design. Currently there are 3 main application areas in MCCI each with a strong Digitally-Assisted-Analogue emphasis. These three areas are Power Management, Radio Frequency System-On-Chip and System-On-Chip Building Blocks.

Engagement Models

Companies may engage with MCCI through a number of models. These include companies participating in MCCI core-funded collaborative projects, contract research or publically-funded bi-lateral projects in confidence with a research provider. In all cases the projects may benefit from access to MCCI skills, CAD tools and IP as well as MCCI expertise in teaming companies with the right research partner in Ireland.

Intellectual Property

For core-funded collaborative projects MCCI operates an industry-designed IP framework which protects members background IP, rewards project sponsors for their contributions to projects and gives early visibility and first options to MCCI members on any IP generated. In addition MCCI members may design their own IP framework in partnership with collaborating research providers for non-core funded projects.

Member Benefits

MCCI is focused on delivering benefits to both industrial and academic research partners. Some of the benefits for industrial partners include:

  • Full direction of a multi-million euro microelectronics research spend
  • Creation of a skills pool in Ireland directly relevant to members 
  • Access to IP at competitive rates discounting for contributions
  • First sight and first options on IP from MCCI projects
  • Putting companies in contact with the right research partner
  • MCCI facilitation of supplemental public funding applications 
  • Project access to MCCI CAD tools, IP and ASIC manufacturing

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