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MIDAS Ireland’s core focus is on innovative design of ‘system solutions’, based on integrated circuits, sensors and embedded software.

MIDAS Ireland is an organisation that helps define and develop the future direction of the micro and nano-electronics based ‘system solutions’ industry in Ireland. MIDAS includes the universities and institutes of technology that teach engineering graduates and are active in research. MIDAS also includes the state agencies, IDA (the Industrial Development Authority) which supports Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Ireland and EI (Enterprise Ireland) which supports the growth of the Irish Indigenous sector.

As the underlying semiconductor technology continues to evolve, exciting new possibilities and applications continue to come along.

Ireland has some of the world’s largest systems solution providers and we have demanding end user customers located within Ireland in:

(1) Bio-medical     (2) Pharma     (3) Green energy     (4) Agriculture, maritime & food     (5) Telecoms

This presents a tremendous opportunity for us to deliver solutions and capture greater value. These areas also attract great investment.

There are approximately 60 companies in our sector in Ireland, with annual exports of approximately €12bn. It provides over 8,000 high value jobs, with over 2,000 of these directly involved with design, product development and research. Ireland employs over 80,000 people in the complete Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

There is an equal split between the number of multi-national and indigenous companies, though the jobs and export numbers are dominated by the multi-national companies. The indigenous industry is hugely important to MIDAS and we place a lot of focus on supporting its increasing growth.

MIDAS Ireland support its industry sector through the following very active sub-committees:

  1.   Indigenous
  2.   Education & Outreach
  3.   Training
  4.   Research
  5.   European Cluster Partners
  6.   Publicity
  7.   Links to Government Policy


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